The Ornamental Ponds

The Renaissance of Ornamental Ponds

Water is omnipresent in Méréville. It is the backbone around which the park was built. The rerouting of the Juine, done for aesthetic purposes, for the creation of this picturesque garden remains an exceptional technical feat from this time period.

And yet, all the aquatic scenery, which had so much influence on the painter Hubert Robert, are threatened in the not-so distant, indeed immediate, future by the closing of natural habitats. This is particularly the case for the manmade “English river” and the ornamental ponds – both the small and large lakes – whose outlines one can still see, but which are so silted up that they require in-depth hydro-ecological renovations. The same goes for the large waterfall, which has not flowed for some time.

Consequently, the entire hydraulic network in need of restoration. This project, of up to €2 million, will make it possible to restore the garden’s historic scenery as well as ensure the ecological continuity of the Juine.

Given its interest, this project was earmarked by the Bern Mission, from among 270 sites in jeopardy, in order to be safeguarded immediately.

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