The Advantages of Patronage

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For Individuals

By becoming a patron, you will contribute to the preservation and the development of a heritage that is also your own. Although the community tries hard to do its best, it will do even better with your support and generosity. In addition, as a patron, you will benefit from tax advantages and privileged access to departmental sites.

Become a Patron and Make a Donation

Make an online donation through the Heritage Foundation's website
(select the umbrella foundation Essonne Patronage)


>> Download our donation form [pdf] (pdf - 150 Ki) and follow the instructions



Tax Advantages

Regardless of the amount you contribute, you will benefit from an income tax reduction of 66% of the amount of your donation, up to 20% of your taxable income.

If the 20% cap on income is surpassed, the deduction can be carried over to the next five years.

If you are a large donor, you will be able to benefit from a real estate wealth tax reduction of up to 75% of the donations made, within the limit of €50,000.

Privileged Access to Departmental Sites

As a patron, you will have privileged access to departmental sites and will receive exclusive invitations to prestigious events: temporary art exhibit openings, concerts, cultural or artistic workshops, etc.

Moreover, you will be kept abreast of the progress of sites in the midst of restoration.

For Companies

By participating in the preservation and the influence of the department’s heritage, you will strengthen your relationship with the Essonne region. You will gain visibility and give deeper meaning to your communication campaigns. You will also benefit from numerous tax advantages.

Becoming a Patron

Patronage is material or financial support donated to a general interest project or activity. It takes on many different forms:


  • Financial patronage. This is the most traditional type of donation, to be carried out in the form of a monetary contribution.
    >> You can use our donation form [pdf] (pdf - 150 Ki)

Make an online donation through the Heritage Foundation's website
(select the umbrella foundation Essonne Patronage)

  • Patronage in kind. This consists of donating or lending assets (furniture, equipment loans, knowledge).
  • Skill-based patronage. This consists of making an employee available, during work hours, under the framework of providing services or lending skilled labor.

You can become a patron by supporting an ongoing restoration project or by supporting the preservation and development policy for Essonne’s heritage as a whole.

Assert and Add Value to your Presence in the Region

By becoming a patron, the name of your company will be visible on all Departmental communications and with thousands of visitors who visit our estates each year.

You will give added meaning to your company’s communication campaigns by sharing with your clients and employees values such as solidarity and generosity, as well as your taste for art, culture and heritage.

You will be able to expand your network during events to which you will be invited, all of them in unique and prestigious settings: art exhibit openings, performances, concerts, conferences, etc.

The advantages offered by the Department will be adapted to each patron’s project, in accordance with the support that your company contributes.

Numerous Tax Advantages

Since 2003, companies benefit from a corporate tax reduction of 60% of the amount of the donation, up to 0.5% of their revenue, tax excluded.

Over this amount, any surplus can give rise to a tax reduction over the next five years (Art. 238 bis of the General Tax Code). The Heritage Foundation will issue a tax receipt to the patron in question.