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The house-workshop in Villiers-le-Bâcle reveals the intimate universe of Foujita, the “master of lines,” a leading Franco-Japanese artist from the 1920s. This site represents an original contribution to the cultural offerings of the Saclay Plateau. Attendance levels are on the rise and its tourism potential is remarkable. Patronage will make it possible to preserve this patrimonial point of interest.

Foujita House-Workshop: the Artist’s Wish Granted

As a French artist originally from Japan, Léonard Tsuguharu Foujita (1886-1968) was one of the most famous artists from the Ecole de Paris, both for his art, his festive spirit and his friendships with Picasso, Modigliani, Soutine and Chagall. He embodies the image of the dandy from the roaring twenties.
In 1960, he bought a small 18th-century house, located in Villiers-le-Bâcle and transformed it into his residence-workshop. This would be his last place of residence.

In 1991, his widow, Kimiyo Foujita donated it to the Essonne department, which granted the artist’s wish by allowing its conservation and opening it as a cultural site, unique in the Ile-de-France region, to the public, a link between the West and the East.

The Mark of a Genius with Multiple Talents

Foujita’s house-workshop, protected as a Historical Monument, gives insight into the artist’s work, particularly through a large mural painting, a preparatory work for the décor of the Notre-Dame de la Paix Chapel in Reims.

Certified as the “Home of a Distinguished Person,” this residence, with its garden, its rooms with singular décor, chosen or created by Foujita, and his workshop, invites the public to penetrate the universe of a multifaceted artist: painter, engraver, illustrator, ceramist, photographer, fashion designer, etc.

Expanding Horizons

For the fiftieth anniversary of the artist’s death, the Essonne Department would like to develop this site in order to increase its cultural influence. Besides the repatriation of five major works by the artist, which will enrich a new exhibition space and the acquisition of other works in order to supplement the collections, the house-workshop will be reinforced thanks to a restoration campaign.

The latter will make it possible to alleviate the major structural stress that these premises have to endure.

Patronage will make it possible to create a 350-m2 exhibition, mediation and reception space, redefine the garden and build an open-air theater*.

These renovations represent an investment estimated at €3 million.

Help us preserve this cultural jewel by becoming a patron of this intimate artistic universe.

*Contact us for more details.

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Foujita’s House-Workshop in a Few Words


  • Date of donation to the Essonne Department: 1991
  • Classified as a Historical Monument
  • Certified as the “Home of a Distinguished Person”
  • Location of the house-workshop: Villiers-le-Bâcle (In the northwestern region of Essonne)

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