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The Chamarande Estate, supported by Pascal Obispo, is the largest public garden in Essonne. Patronage is an opportunity to protect and highlight the exceptional historic building and landscaped setting that it offers visitors. Among its projects is the restoration of the castle’s floors.

A History connected to Famous Names

After 1603, François Miron, the creator of Paris’s sanitation system and financer of the Hôtel de Ville’s construction, built the castle’s central structure. This was completed in the 1640s with two lateral pavilions. As of 1654, the architect Nicolas de Lespine finalized the castle’s current appearance in the elegant style of Louis XIII using brick, stone and slate.

From 1737 to 1763, Louis de Talaru, the Marquis de Chalmazel, called in the architect and landscaper Pierre Contant d’Ivry, then working at the Palais-Royal or the Arras Cathedral. In 1857, the future Duke of Persigny acquired the estate and organized celebrations to which Napoleon III and the Empress Eugenie were invited. Later on, Anthony-Aristide Boucicaut carried out interior renovations.

From 1957 to 1972, the entrepreneur Auguste Mione, a champion of modernist architecture, established the headquarters of his company here. He conducted many public work projects in Essonne, and invested alongside Le Corbusier.

In the 1990s, now under the ownership of the Department, the Estate was partially restored and the park was entrusted to the landscaper Jacques Sgard. It is an open book on the history of the art of gardens, from the classical garden in the “French style” to the landscaped park in the “English style.”

Today, the Estate houses the departmental archives and the departmental fund for contemporary art. A rich cultural program is also proposed each year, making it possible for renowned artists to exhibit their works (Richard Orlinski, Robert Combas, Philippe Pasqua, etc.).

The Estate in a few words

  • Date of purchase by the Essonne Department: 1978
  • Classified as a Historical Monument
  • Certified as a Remarkable Garden of France
  • Location of the estate: Chamarande (Heart of Essonne)
  • Surface area of the estate: 98 hectares

They are already patrons :

• Mme Amanda GALSWORTHY  
• M. Gilbert GARNIER
• Mme Laurence GUILLERMIN
• M Pierre LABRIE
• M et Mme NICOL
• M. Jacques ROBERT
• Mme Marie-Ange TASSEMKA
• Mme Angélique MIGNON
• M Brice THOMAS
• Société FIDELIO

Et la Société Loca Images
qui a adopté une case de jeu de l’oie 

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