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Our projects open
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For more information,
Fanny Malvezin
Cabinet du Président
Département de l'Essonne
Email: mecenat(at)cd-essonne.fr 
Tel. +33 1 77 58 12 60

A pronounced, visible and valued presence across the Department

By participating in the preservation and the promotion of the Departmental heritage, you will strengthen your connection with the Essonne area. Your company name will be visible on the local authority's communication media and to the thousands of visitors to our estates each year.

You will enhance your business communication, by sharing the values of solidarity and generosity with your customers and employees as well as your taste for art, culture and heritage.

You will have the opportunity to develop your network of contacts at the many events to which you will be invited, in exclusive and prestigious settings: exhibition openings, shows, concerts, conferences, etc. These occasions will provide the opportunity to meet many key players from the Department, the Region and elsewhere, including meeting other figures from the business world. 

How to become a patron?

Patronage is defined as providing material or financial assistance for an action or activity of general interest. It exists in various forms: financial sponsorship, contributions in kind or the provision of skills to benefit a public interest project.

  • Financial patronage is the most common form of support, made in the form of a monetary contribution.
  • Patronage in kind consists in giving or making available goods (for example donating furniture, loaning equipment, or providing particular expertise).
  • Skills patronage consists of making an employee available during his or her working time, in the context of a service provision or a labour loan.

You can become a patron either by supporting a specific restoration project in progress or by supporting the policy of preserving and enhancing the heritage of the Essonne as a whole.


Many projects would not be possible without the support of our patrons. We would like to thank them warmly.

Our first patrons

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