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Patronage, enhancing Essonne's allure

"The Essonne is brimming with illustrious names and treasures built with daring, recalling the great moments in history."



Stéphane Bern 
Patron of the
Fondation Essonne Mécénat

For more information,
Fanny Malvezin
Cabinet du Président
Département de l'Essonne
Email: mecenat(at) 
Tel. +33 1 77 58 12 60

The future of Essonne belongs to us all. The Department's philanthropy policy is designed to create close links by closely involving businesses and citizens in its projects, thereby contributing to the region’s development and enhancing its attractiveness. Patronage is an integral part of plans for many of the local authority's policies in a number of fields (solidarity, sustainable development, youth, culture, agriculture, sports, events, etc.).

The generosity of these patrons is also intended to engender a community of enthusiasts around the development of departmental sites whose heritage value and interest extends beyond the borders of the Essonne Department. The Fondation Essonne Mécénat (Essonne Patronage Foundation), created in June 2017 under the aegis of the Fondation du Patrimoine (Heritage Foundation), is a powerful tool for mobilizing local stakeholders to contribute to its development.

By becoming a patron, you will be an ambassador not only for Essonne, but also for a universal heritage. Like Stéphane Bern, patron of the Essonne Mécénat (patronage) brand, your support will contribute to France’s cultural and touristic prestige.

Essonne Mécénat (patronage): partake in the promotion of an exceptional public heritage

The Fondation Essonne Mécénat, created under the aegis of the Fondation du Patrimoine (Heritage Foundation), is intended to provide support : for the preservation, restoration and promotion of heritage;

for the conservation, restoration and acquisition of objects and works of art to complement the collections of its museums and estates.

The Essonne Department owns several sites and collections whose cultural heritage is of significant interest: Domaine de Chamarande, Domaine de Méréville, Domaine de Misery, and Domaine de Montauger; the Maison-Atelier Foujita and the Musée Français de la Photographie. These cultural and environmental treasures today require major investment to safeguard their future, and ensure that they meet modern standards and become accessible to all.

In addition to public action and the support of traditional partners (the State and the Region), the generosity of patrons will enable the Departmental authorities to take greater and better action to safeguard, improve and promote these sites. The funds collected will be allocated to specifically defined sites and work programmes, according to the priorities set out by the Essonne Mécénat Executive Council and with the agreement of the patron.

Chaired by François Durovray, the Executive Council is composed of elected representatives from the Essonne Departmental Council, members of the Fondation du Patrimoine and experts such as the architect from Bâtiments de France.



Essonne Mécénat, hosted by the Fondation du Patrimoine (Heritage Foundation)

The Fondation du Patrimoine is an organisation that works in the public interest: its primary mission is safeguarding and supporting the restoration of the rural built heritage (houses, churches, bridges, industrial heritage, furniture etc.) that is not protected by 'listed' status. It also supports the safeguarding and restoration of the rural built heritage protected by 'listed' status and natural heritage. 

In conjunction with the State and the main stakeholders in the sector, the Fondation du Patrimoine helps public organisations and associations which own heritage properties to finance their projects, enables private owners to obtain tax relief on all or part of the restoration work they carry out, and mobilises corporate sponsorship.

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